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Established in Shanghai in 2003,Array Microelectronics Limited is a professional independent design house (IDH). We do personalized design for the customer. And also, we are permitted distributor of many famous international product lines.

Registered Capital: 5,53millon yuan
Headquarter: Shanghai
Branches: Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Hong Kong 
R&D center: Nanjing
Employees: +40

Advantages of IDH

Making use of its expertise, IDH can carry out more comprehensive researches and have deeper understanding of chip applications and the design of related software and hardware than IC companies, and thereby giving better play to the advantages of chips.

IDH’s development is not just centered on chips; another job is to combine different ICs into consumer recognized products. Simply by further improving the production process, it can put the products into the market. Although it does not directly involve in the market, it can foresee the market opportunities even earlier.

Because IDH is closer to the market than IC companies, it can better understand the needs of customers; therefore, it is more sensitive than IC manufacturers in defining products. Most of the time, it can influence IC manufacturers’ product definition and software development directions, and can even develop the specifications for chips together with IC manufacturers. Such a mode has significant impact on the future products and industry structure.

Main products: Motor Control, Power Meter, New Energy, Video Image, Mobile Communications