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Recruitment information

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Hiring: 5 people


Job responsibilities:

1. The sales staff position, finish quantified work requirements periodically, and be able to deal with and resolve the responsible tasks;

2. Manage customer relationship, complete the sales task;

3. The desire to understand and explore customer needs and purchase, this paper introduces the advantages of their products and features;

4. Collect and analysis the market and industry information, improve the market competitiveness of products;

5. Develop new customers resources, excavate the potential needs of customers.

6. Be familiar with the market power and motor.



1. College or above, major in marketing and electronic technology application and other related professional;

2. The electronic marketing industry work experience is preferred;

3. Outgoing personality, responsive, expression ability is strong, with strong interpersonal and communication skills;

4. Have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness.


(2)Technical support engineer (motor control) 

Hiring: 2 people


Job responsibilities:

- customer demand, the company agent products, help customers design products, to provide the total solution

- responsible for the company's electrical products research and development of design and technology promotion;

- to help customers solve technical problems in the process of development and production of;


- motor related field, familiar with architecture (Mx chip applications, bachelor degree or above, and men and women not limited;

- familiar with related knowledge and motor control algorithm, a complete motor control product research and development experience is preferred;

- English level 4 above, can communicate in written English business, has a better oral English communication skills;

- mature, work steadfast, diligent, good communication skills, teamwork spirit;

- working location: Nanjing or Shanghai


(3)  FAE field application engineer

Hiring: 2 people


Job responsibilities:

- according to the requirement of the Marketing Department and sales department, designed for pre-sale product Demo board, reference design, etc., to increase the competitiveness of the products;

- according to the customer and market requirements, the use of the company agent products to the overall scheme design, to provide customers with a reliable complete solution;

To solve customer technical problems appeared in the process of product design and production, to provide technical guidance.



- electronic related major, bachelor degree or above, men and women not limited;

- be familiar with 51 single-chip microcomputer or architecture (Mx series products, able to skillfully use the C language programming, familiar with Keil or IAR compiler environment;

- able to skillfully use protel design schematic and PCB, with a complete project design experience is preferred;

- electrical measuring instrument design experience is preferred;

- English level 4, can be written business English communication, has the better oral English communication skills;

- mature, work steadfast, diligent, good communication skills, teamwork spirit.

Working location: Nanjing, because of work need to take short term business trip

Please send your resume to:jennyzeng@arraymicro.com